HeyCharge Wallbox

7kW Single Phase $1899
22kW Triple Phase $2999

+$20 per month for load management and automatic billing.


7kW Single Phase $2099*
22kW Triple Phase $2199*

*Our standard installation covers most sites, however may vary depending on your individual needs.

How HeyCharge Works

Buying and installing EV Chargers in multi-residential, commercial and basement environments costs 4-5 times as much as a typical home chargers.  We don’t agree! 

HeyCharge EV chargers are made in Germany and use patented technology that requires NO INTERNET CONNECTION, opening up a world of possibilities in residential (including strata), commercial and mining:

Plug n’ Play ½ the cost of other solutions PLUS $0 upfront electrical upgrades vs $50,000+ per 30 chargers typically.


Grow as you go patented tech allows a charger to be installed in a single owners bay without any costs for other owners. Maintains future flexibility with OCCP compliance

Commercialise & automate access + billing including user payments. Also available a common power costs reimbursement feature.


Safety first with superior reliability, mesh network load management, fault detection and increased cyber security features.

All in one configured in 10 minutes with no extra hardware, software or suppliers (and costs) for load management, payments and access control.

Our innovative patented technology removes the need for an internet connection to the charger and the user’s phone utilising the Internet of Things (IoT) and which enables secure charging, payment and load balancing.

With the HeyCharge app, users can easily control charging with their phone. An Internet connection and seperate RFID is not required.

The charger transmits the consumption data to the users phone via proprietary SecureCharge Technology.

The billing and consumption information is automatically synchronised with the backend and payments securely processed.

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About HeyCharge

HeyCharge is a personal story. The founders purchased electric vehicles and quickly realised the challenges of trying to charge in multi-residential, commercial and basement environments.  Being able to easily charge an electric car at home or at work can make the difference between them succeeding or failing. HeyCharge was founded to solve this problem.

Our mission is to help EV’s become socially equitable. Our ground breaking patented technology helps enable greener and more sustainable EV adoption.

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Can I use the Wallbox without internet?

With the HeyCharge app, users can easily start & stop charging while it is near the selected charging station. An internet connection is not required. The consumption data is transmitted via the smartphone to the HeyCharge backend. The data is transmitted in encrypted form and cannot be viewed by third parties.

How does the billing take place?

Consumption is precisely metered and billed to the user in kW increments. This means those who use the electricity pay for it, both allowing chargers to be installed on common electrical infrastructure and it to be paid for by the users.  Opening up many possibilities for much cheaper installation and fair and equitable payments for those that use it, and none for those that don’t!

Does the HeyCharge system have load management?

Yes, the HeyCharge Wallbox has integrated load management. All wall boxes are networked via the ZigBee protocol and automatically regulate the total load provided within an installation.

What happens if the smartphone runs out of battery?

The charging process can also be stopped from the vehicle. The consumption information from the previous charging process is then recorded by the smartphone the next time a charging session is started and transmitted to the backend.

Can I retrofit more wall boxes later?

Yes, the HeyCharge system can be expanded as required. All you have to do is install a new wall box, which is then automatically integrated into the overall system.

Do I need to worry about RFID card management?

No RFID cards are used at HeyCharge. The administration of these is completely eliminated.

Can several people use a wallbox?

Yes, the HeyCharge Wallbox can be used by different people one after the other. The configuration of which person is allowed to charge at which wallbox happens via the HeyCharge backend and can be adjusted at any time.

Can one person use several wallboxes?

Yes, one person can be activated for several wallboxes. The rights are assigned via the HeyCharge backend and can be adjusted by the administrator at any time.